We are now selling fine foam beads as milk bottle fill. They do an excellent job of displaying your pyro glazed bottles for your collection or for online sales. They add no weight  and do not stain or harm the bottle in any way. They are round and uniform in size and about the size of a pin head. This the same milk bottle fill that was formerly sold by The Purple Cow. You will be happy with the results. Also great for arts , crafts and making floam.
I currently have the remaining stock of the duo cappers. This tool is for both 56mm flat caps and 38mm foil caps. Use the male end to seat 56mm caps and the female to crimp 38mm foil caps.  Supply is very limited. Price is 12.00 shipped in the USA    BACK IN STOCK
  Below are a few of the milk bottles for sale or trade. I am always looking for milks for my collection. I am interested in quality milk bottles from Lebanon county and most counties in eastern and central Pa. I am also looking for 2 color pyro bottles from anywhere in the state. If you are interested in buying , selling or trading call or email me.  Email or call for availability. Payment is paypal , check , M.O. or cash at pickup. Shipping is extra.  717 865 3253.  THANKS  John                                                                                                                                   


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   If You would like to order beads online and pay with Paypal You can do so on my   business partner's website. Click on this link.       
Call or email for availability of milk bottles. Shipping is extra. Pickup at my residence is free. Payment is check , M.O. or paypal. I plan on adding more bottles in the upcoming weeks. THANKS for checking my site. All comments and questions are welcome.    John

  DAIRY           ITEM         LOCATION       REMARKS    COST        PICTURE
 1.                                                                                                                                          Lehmans           1/2 gallon            Palmyra Pa                 nice                  25.00
 7.                                                                                                                                 Grobeck's        Quart                Omaha Nebraska             both sides same         SOLD
 9.                                                                                                                                        PEL Paul E Landis      QT            York Pa                                                              25.00     
    Hershey Choc   sour cream jar      Lebanon Pa                    8oz.                60.00
    Sweetarrow       Qt                       Jonestown Pa                                         85.00
     Equity             Qt                       lima Ohio                                    SOLD
  Baird's Dairy        1/2 pt    Kingston Pa     Luzerne Co                                           SOLD
      R.E. Nogle          pint              Shiloh Pa                                                       45.00
    B.J. George         pint             Catawissa Pa                                                      ebay
  R.W. Smith            Quart              Oxford Pa                                                       40.00
  Woodside Farm       1/2 pt          Landisville Pa                           ebay
    Majors Dairy        1/2 pt           Royersford Pa                                                  SOLD
     J.L.E. Moon         pint             Green Grove  Lackawana Co Pa                        25.00
    Bechdel's  Sunny Brook    pint     Blanchard Pa  Centre Co.                           180.00
   20.   Natoma Farms    Qt      Hinsdale   IL                                             150.00
      Has a picture of a USA WW2 sea plane on backside of bottle. This plane helped turn the tide in the Atlantic. Hinsdale ILL is embossed on bottle.  Original and not a reproduction. Only milk bottle with seaplane. 
   21.  Bradford's              Qt                 Lewistown Pa                    85.00
​   22.  Ka-Vee                  Qt                Bellleville Pa                            70.00
   23.   White Oak           Qt                Terre Hill  Pa                             SOLD
  25.  Thomas Dairy      Qt         Edensdurg  Pa                                    45.00
   26.   Walker's          Qt         Somerset  Pa                                         45.00
                  little pyro missing from W in Walker
  27.   Cow or Goat  bell                                                                                        10.00
  28.  Hillside        Qt           Thompson  Pa                                       40.00
  29.  H.W. Campbell   Qt     New Bloomfield  Pa  Perry Co           ebay
  30.  Miller's           Qt          Chester Springs  Pa                            35.00
  31.  Green's         8oz.       Ashland Pa     sour cream jar                                   25.00
  32.  Moore      Qt          Lancaster  Pa                       each                                   6.00
                                                                                    each    without fill & cap   5.00
  34.  George Wittig      Pint           Reynolds  Pa                                                       25.00
    36.   Hoffman's          1/3 Qt          Telford  Pa                                        each     SOLD
    38.  Smith's Modern     Qt              Palmyra  Pa                           with fill         9.00
                                                                                                       without fill       8.00
   39.   H.L. Wagner           1/2 pint       Pottsville  Pa                                             35.00
   40.   H. Rang                pint              Barnesville  Pa                                          25.00
    41.  D.E. Zimmerman     pint            Llewellyn  Pa                                               95.00
   42.    Home Town          Qt              Columbia  Pa                                                 50.00

   44.   Stauffer's        pint                  Nuremburg  Pa                                              50.00
    46.   J.H. Schott       Qt       Cornwall Pa  Lebanon Co.  sm chip on lip              50.00
      48.  Lenkerbrook   Steel milk case  Harrisburg Pa       13 in square                 20.00
    52.  Lebanon Valley   porch box     Lebanon  Pa                     nice                    28.00
    53.  Hershery Estates  porch box  Hershey Pa  nice large            30.00
Milk bottle filler sizes and pricing
​                     20 quarts --------------  20.00
         40 quarts --------------  34.00
         60 quarts --------------  48.00
         80 quarts --------------  66.00
        100 quarts -------------  84.00  
10.  Laurel Run        Qt          Lehman Pa    Luserne Co unlisted                         SOLD
    54.  Eaton's     Qt   Eldred Pa   tiny chips on lip                                 30.00
   56. Riverside Dairy  Qt   Matamoras Pa  Pike Co                       35.00
   58.  Producer's Co-Op    Qt   Reading  Pa                                     30.00
    59.  John W Carlson   pint   Port Allegany  Pa     nothing on backside           SOLD
     60.  Speece's       pint     Dauphin  Pa                                           18.00
     62.  Alamito      Qt     Omaha  NE                2 color                      SOLD
     63.  Check's Dairy       pint         Latrobe  Pa                                               SOLD
  64.  C.E. Strong           Qt               York  Pa                                                    22.00
   65.  Hillside               Qt         Stevens  Pa  Lancaster Co.                                 50.00
     66.   Sanitary Milk Co.    Qt           Oxford  Pa                                                     SOLD
    67.  Cloverknoll Farm    Qt        St. Leonard  Pa    Bucks co.                             30.00
   3.  Valley View       wooden Qt case       Scheafferstown  Pa                      30.00
    68.  Bimini Farm        Qt         Langhorne  Pa                                                    25.00
     69.  L. Buehler           Qt        Tumbling Run  Pa                                                30.00
     70.   Hemlock Dairy   pt    Bloomsburg Pa     R.B. Fruit                                     25.00
     71.   Meadow View         Qt             Bareville  Pa                                           SOLD
      72.  Gravenstine        pint            Philadelphia  Pa                                            15.00
     73.  E.J. Schmidt & Son 1/2 pt   Huntingdon Valley Pa  Montgomery Co          18.00

     74.  Prokop Farm    Qt    Mt Cobb Pa    Lackawanna Co                                    20.00
    75.  Midway Mills   Feed Scoop Midway Pa (Lebanon) steel          50.00
     76.  Fairland Wall Bros      Qt    Scranton  Pa                                                   30.00
     77. Far View Dairy           Qt       Cleona  Pa       light inside stain                 40.00
     78.  W.H. Fitzsimmons   Qt   Roulette  Pa   Potter Co.                                   75.00
      79.  Wengert's Dairy     Qt          Lebanon  Pa                                                    SOLD
     80.  Brookfield     Qt   Hellertown  Pa   baby face                        45.00
    81.  Romberger's    Qt         Millersburg  Pa                                                     SOLD
     82.  Temple Dairy     Qt      Temple   Pa                                                          28.00
     83.  Clover Farm        Qt             Forest City   Pa                                               15.00
       84.  Eden Dairy         pint           Pueblo  Co.                                 SOLD
       85.  J.H. White         Qt         Honey Brook  Pa                                                 SOLD
     86.  Country Fresh     Qt         Lebanon  Pa                                                     3.00 
      87.  Mc Mahn's Dairy   1/2 pt  Bloomsburg Pa    Columbia Co                            18.00
      88.  Highway Dairy    Qt         Hanover  Pa     J.W. Little                                 SOLD
      89.  White Cross    pint          Ephrata  Pa                                                          40.00
      90.  Bonawitz's Dairy    pint     Lykens  Pa                                                          20.00
      91.  Alvin Erdman     pint    Elizabethville  Pa                                                    SOLD
    92.  Wm. Reiff      pint       Ashland  Pa                                                              45.00
     93. Playskool  dairy wagon pull toy  complete                          SOLD
      94. Avon San.   Qt  Lebanon Pa  Pa spelled out                             SOLD
     95.  Lebanon Sanitary   1/2 pt            Lebanon  Pa                                          10.00
       96.  Geo. H. Adams    Qt        Ashland Pa    Schuylkill Co                                  15.00
    97.  Greenfield         pint         Lancaster  Pa                                                     75.00
     98.  vintage carnival game milk bottle                  aluminum                              15.00
      99.  Bellevue Dairy    Qt          Paxtang  Pa     Jos. A. RUDY                               40.00
     100.  Weidaw's Dairy    pint       Palmerton  Pa      T.B. tested                         100.00
     101.  Beaufort Farms        Qt            Harrisburg  Pa                                             45.00
       102.  Harry G Spotts      pint         Midway  Pa (now part of Lebanon Pa)         90.00
      103.   Borden's    Pt       early    nice                                                                  SOLD
     104.  Orchard Lawn       Qt             Manor  Pa                                                    30.00
      105.  Fabel's Dairy        Qt                Stroudsburg  Pa                                        20.00
      106.  Roselyn Farm      Qt                 West Chester  Pa                                        SOLD
      107.  Glen Lock      pint                   Sunbury  Pa                                               20.00
       108.  ASH  (Allentown State Hosp.)  1/2 pt    Allentown  Pa                            20.00
      109.  Meadow Breeze Farm    Qt       Forest City  Pa                                         SOLD
     110.  Welky's Heights          pint         Hazelton  Pa                                            SOLD
     111.  Lenkerbrook     1/2 pt       Harrisburg  Pa                          75.00
        113.  John Kline     Qt            Catawissa  Pa                 1941                            100.00
     114.  Leiby's Dairy   Qt     Tamaqua Pa    2 color                         SOLD
     115.  Forney's Dairy   pt   Palmyra PA  rare  scratches                SOLD
   116.  Wengert's Dairy   Qt.    O.J. Decanter   Lebanon Pa                   3.00 each
      117.  Dairimaid           Qt                    Chambersburg  Pa                                 10.00
         118.  Hershey Estates  1/2 pt  Hershey Pa                               SOLD
      119. Fairview Farm        pint    Cornwall  Pa                                                   75.00    
        120.  Morningland    1/2 pt       Clarks Summit  Pa    tall  textured               25.00
        121.  Hillside  A.P. Klick  pt  Lebanon Pa   w cap                       65.00
       122.  Ulsh-Shinkel      Qt           Lewistown  Pa     Hdw. Co.                          25.00
      123.  Billow's Dairy   1/2 pt          Lyken's  Pa                                                   SOLD
      124.  Pleasant Valley   Qt          Altoona  Pa      F.R. McMahon Estate                 20.00
       125.  Romberger's Dairy     Qt              Lykens  Pa                                                   10.00
     126.  Graybill's Dairy        Qt           Lititz  Pa                                        12.00
       127. Old forge Farm  Pt   Spring Grove Pa       blacksmith forge                            SOLD
        128.  Wilowbrook Dairy  Pt  Neffsville Pa   Wayne Stauffer   small fleabite          45.00
      129.  Wasson's Dairy  Qt  Madisonburg Pa   Centre Co.                       ebay
      130.  Wengert's Dairy    Qt               Lebanon Pa         1950's                                  SOLD
    131.  Twin Cedar   creamer     McClure  Pa                                                   SOLD
  132.  Melvin J Hochenbroch  pint   Irish Valley Pa   Northumberland Co       175.00
   133.   Sylvan View Dairy   Creamer    Lancaster Pa                                                  40.00
     134.  Mason's Dairy     Qt     Coudersport Pa     Potter Co                 SOLD
    134.  J.A. Scheetz    Qt     Maytown Pa     Lancaster Co                                            SOLD      
  135.   Oak Grove Dairy   E.G. Martin  pint    Lancaster Pa  early  nice             100.00            
  136.  East End Dairy  W.J. Engle  1/2 pt  Sunbury Pa  chip inside lip   25.00
     139.  Wengert's Dairy   Qt cream top   Lebanon Pa        1948                                      SOLD
    140.  Cloverleaf Dairy  Heisler's    1/2 pint  Tamaqua Pa  Schuylkill Co                     SOLD
    141.  Rodichok's Dairy  1/2 pt   Tower City Pa   2 color                         15.00
     142.  Honicker's Dairy  Pt  baby face     St. Clair Pa  Schuylkill Co                             40.00
        143.  Lebanon Valley Milk Co Med-o-land   Pt     Lebanon Pa                                  150.00
   144.   Harrisburg Dairies      creamer   Harrisburg Pa                                             35.00 
        145.    Wengert's  Dairy      creamer     Lebanon Pa                                                    SOLD
     146.   Lebanon Valley Dairies    creamer  Lebanon Pa                                                35.00
     147. Wengert's Dairy  war slogan   Lebanon Pa  dairy picture 1941   SOLD
 148.  Wengert's Dairy   green creamer           Lebanon Pa                            SOLD
   149.  Hyman Bros.    Qt.     Williamsport Pa       tiny lip chip                                     40.00
      150.  J.F. Stoll       Qt.     Columbia Pa             tiny chips on mouth                             SOLD
     151.  Spickler's Dairy    Qt.    Elizabethtown Pa                                                          SOLD
       152. Meadow-Wood Bomberger   Qt   Lebanon Pa                             80.00
     153.  O'Brien's Dairy  Qt   New Oxford Pa  long neck store       SOLD
     154.  Forney's Dairy  Qt   Millersburg Pa.       light scratches           60.00
      155.  Hershey Choc Corp   1/2 Pt   Lebanon Pa                                  55.00
        156.  Meadow Wood Farm   Qt   Lebanon Pa      a few small bruises  RARE               100.00
       157.  Wayne Stauffer   pt      Neffsville Pa     Lancaster Co sm fleabite backside       35.00
      158.  P. Pichler      pint      Lancaster Pa                                                                        50.00
        159.  Zigenfus Bros.  Qt    Palmerton Pa                raw milk                                      160.00
      161.  C.E. Grimes  1/2 pint   Fredericksburg Pa   baby face               150.00
       162.  Richland Dairy  pint    Richland Pa                                                                       80.00
     163.  Bordens      1/2 pint       round squat                                                                  SOLD
      164.  Wengert's Dairy     1/2 pint  Lebanon Pa                                                            SOLD
        165.  Log Cabin Farms   Qt   H.J. Pierson    Lititz Pa      light wear                            150.00
       166.  White's Dairy Farm  1/2 pt  V.W. White  Albion Pa                                                 25.00
       167.   E.F. Mayer  Qt   Rodchester  NY   early amber  1934  near mint                      SOLD
      168.  Lone Pine Farm    1/2 pt   Hanover NJ                                                                   8.00
   169.  Midway Dairy   Qt   J.P. Bicksler        Lebanon Pa                                          ebay
      170.  Meadowbrook    Qt        Stroudsburg Pa                                                               25.00
      171.  Walnut Grove Dairy     Qt             Lititz Pa   couple tiny chips on lip               SOLD
       172.   Geo. Fromm Dairy    1/2 pt    Hummelstown  Pa                                            SOLD
          173.  Cedar Lawn Dairy  Wayne Keller    Pt      Millbach Springs  Pa                         180.00
        174.  Snyder's Dairy Qt  Stroudsburg Pa                                      SOLD
         175.  Ebert's Dairy        Qt                   Hegins  Pa                          75.00
        176.  Locust Grove   1/2 pt   Lebanon Pa   small bruise & 2 tiny chips   rare size    60.00
      177.  Farmer's Co-Op   1/2 pt     Cleona Pa      small bruise on mouth                          25.00
       178. Meadowbrook  Qt   Newfoundland Pa  Wayne Co  O.H. Franklin            30.00
    179.  Wengert's Dairy    1/2 pt cream top   Lebanon Pa  sm chips on base                20.00
      180.  Ritchey Dairy     Qt     Martinsburg  Pa                                    20.00
     181.  L.F. Neuser   Qt       Llewellyn   Pa                                                                   75.00
          182.  Walter S Smith     1/2 pt           Punxsy  Pa                                                        40.00
      183.  C.E. Grimes          1/2 pt           Fredericksburg Pa                                               50.00
      184.  F.O. Harriman         pint      Williamsport Pa   light stain                              35.00    
       185.  B.O. Wieland         pint          Palmyra  Pa                                                         180.00
       186.  J.G. Hockenbroch     pint      Paxinos  Pa                                                          110.00
       187.  Lebanon Sanitary Dairy    Qt      Lebanon Pa                                                    15.00
        188.  T.C. Barton   pint   Columbia  Pa  scuff on mouth              SOLD              
     189.  Eisenhart's Dairy   1/2 pt     York  Pa                                                            20.00
       190.  Bendigo's Dairy   pint       Orwin  Pa                                                                75.00
       191.  Simpson Dairy Farm  1/2 pt   Turtle Point Pa      Mckean Co                    20.00
       192.  Klingemans Dairy      Qt   Locust Valley  Pa                                                  95.00
      193.  Eisenhart's  Purity Co.    Qt  Shamokin  Pa                                                      40.00
       194.  A.S. Graybill     Qt              Lititz  Pa                                                               SOLD
        195.  M.V. Blough    pint    Holsopple  Pa                                                                  50.00
        196.  Keilman's Dairy   Qt    Barnesville  Pa    blood tested                                         SOLD
      197.  Dair-i-maid     pint          Chambersburg  Pa                                                    15.00
       198.  Manor View Dairy   Qt   Millersville Pa    front & back same                            12.00
          199.  Neshaminy Farms    Qt         West Newtown  Pa                                            20.00
        200.  Burnites Dairy  Qt   Coatesville Pa      Chester Co                                            20.00
       201.  ALUMINUM 1/2 gallon  milk pail with lid                                                           SOLD
       203.  Longacre Dairies  Qt   Barto Pa  Berks Co   light stain                               SOLD         
     204.  Edgewood Farms  Qt  Jermyn Pa  Lackawanna Co  UNLISTED      Call or email
​      205.  Portzline's dairy     Qt     Northumberland Pa   some wear       40.00
       206.  C.A. Smith       Qt    Palmerton  Pa        light stain                                              40.00
      207.  Keystone Dairy   pt    GOAT FARM       Bridgeville  Pa                                        45.00
    208.  State College Creamery  Qt  STORE  light fade State College Pa SOLD
          209.  H.D. Alleback & Son  Qt  Trappe Pa  Montgomery Co  unlisted        Call or email
       210.  Little's Dairy     pt         Hanover Pa                                           8.00
       212.  East Malta Farms   Qt    Dalmatia  Pa                                        SOLD
       213.  Shield Dairy  Qt  Russell Pa                                                      75.00
        214.  Reinert's Dairy     Qt        Schecksville  Pa                                 SOLD
      215.  East Malta        Qt     Dalmatia  Pa   long neck                           18.00
        216.  East End Dairy  Qt   L. Hines    Columbia  Pa   scratch straw                          95.00
       217.  Spruce Villa    Qt    2 color       Lititz  Pa                                    60.00
          218.  Avon Sanitary  Qt    Avon Pa  (Lebanon)                                                       SOLD
        219.  Glick's Dairy   Qt      Smoketown  Pa         light haze                                       SOLD
        220.  Keystone Dairy    1/2 pt    Bristol  Pa            divco truck                               10.00
       221.  Forney's Dairy   Qt    Millersburg  Pa                                                                150.00
      222.  Cedar Lawn Farm  Qt  Parkersburg Pa  H.L. Landis  Chester co                       25.00
       223.  Kimmel's Dairy     Qt           Valley View  Pa                                                     35.00
      224.  Guers Dairy        Qt                     Pottsville  Pa                                         EBAY               
       225.  Wengert's Dairy  measuring cup  Lebanon Pa                                               12.00
        227.  Small & Koch    pt  Lehighton Pa     Carbon Co                                                  12.00
      228. Allumbaugh Qt  Boise Idaho   sm bruise on mouth                   SOLD
      229.  C.A. Feeser   Qt    Hanover  Pa  small chips on mouth         15.00
       230.  C.M. Chamberlain    Qt             Bethlehem  Pa                                                      EBAY
      231.  Hershey Choc Corp  Qt    Lebanon Pa       scratches                SOLD
       232.  Sanitary Milk Co.   1/2 pt   D.G. Arnold    Reedsville Pa     light haze            30.00       
    2.  Rothermel's    Qt     Minersville  Pa    cream separator bottle                              30.00
     24.  Lewistown Pure Milk Co.   Qt      Lewistown Pa                                                   15.00
    33.  Lowe Brook Farming Co.  Qt      Downingtown  Pa                                                SOLD
      37.  Eisenhart's Dairy    Qt         York  Pa                                                                 25.00
      45.  Spruce Villa Dairy    pt         Lititz Pa      some wear                                        50.00
      50.  Blue Ribbon Dairy    pt    J.H. French   Lewistown Pa                                          85.00
       55.  Casper Hart    Qt   Ringtown Pa   star of david                                                   SOLD
       57.  Cacoosing Dairy    Qt     West Lawn  Pa     amber                        15.00
      D.  P.S. McGee  GALLON  Roaring Spring Pa   Blair Co               110.00
       F.  Funk's Dairy Co   1/2 pt   Beaver valley Pa                                     SOLD
        G.  Showerdale Farm  1/2 gallon    Lebanon Pa                                    15.00
    47. Wengert's Dairy        steel case           Lebanon Pa                 
             Pinkerton's Detective Agency warning                                     25.00
       49.  Shuman Dairy   1/2 pt     Mc Ewensville Pa                                                      SOLD
     H.  Meyer Dairy              1/2 gallon      State College Pa                      15.00
      I.  Cacoosing Dairy  Qt  West Lawn Pa  OWL WOMAN ARCHER       25.00
      J.  Wengert's Dairy    1/2 pint                 Lebanon Pa                                                 12.00