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                          LEBANON COUNTY MILK BOTTLES
             In the 1970's I got my first job at what then was Wengert's dairy. At this 
        time the dairy was still bottling milk in glass bottles. Around 1980 the dairy stopped 
    using glass bottles. At the same time there was a steady decline of home delivery by 
    the milkman. Today there are no glass bottles and the home delivery milkman is gone. I
    saw all these changes. I am sure that has some bearing on my milk bottle collecting. In 
    these pages I will show pictures and give information of those days gone. Bellow are pictures from Lebanon county and other areas of Pa.  THANKS FOR LOOKING !!!

                You local Wengert milkman.                          Wengert's Dairy in the early 50's.

                     Click on the smaller pictures below to enlarge.

      The last 3 major dairies in the 60's and 70's to do home delivery in Lebanon County are pictured above with bottles in carriers.  The top row is Lebanon Valley Dairies and Smith's Modern Dairy. The  bottom row is Wengert bottles from the 60's and then from the 50's. 
Milk cartons can be collectable. Pictured above are Wengert's whole , swiss 2 , and skim cartons from Lebanon Pa. and Smith's Dairy and Red Gate goat cartons from Palmyra 
Pa. Milk cartons did not hold up to the elements as glass did. Most dairies now use plastic containers insead of cartons.
To see many Wengert's bottles through the years see the LEBANON DAIRY HISTORY page. I also collect many bottles from eastern and central Pa. Some examples are pictured below.
   I Will be posting pictures of Lebanon county milk bottles as time permits. Part of my milk bottle collection will be at the the Lebanon Historical Society for 3 to 4 months starting in November 2018. If you like milk bottles or agricultural history you might want to check it out.
 White Clover    Avon Sanitary         Forney                Sunset             Valley View
     Fairview          Wengert         Farmer's Co-Op       Hillside             Bomgardner
   Heilbron        Hershey Choc          Seyfert              Wengert            Maple Lane
Avon Sanitary    Locust Grove         Grimes           Hershey Choc  Grimes College Hill
               Lebanon County Creamers
   Phillip's            Spangler             Wagner                Fink                 Thompson
  Sweetarrow       Pine Crest     L. Laudermilch    F.W. Fernsler           Walmer
S. Laudermilch      Horstick's           Bashore              Yeager         J. Laudermilch
      Houck            Springdale         D.E. Miller              Long               Spangler
     R. L. Miller          Ziegler            A.W. Harper     Palmyra Sani.         Wm Rank
  A. F Killian            Spotts                Edris                  Allwein         Milk Produce Co
     Far View            L.S. Milk Co      John M Meily     G. Laudermilch        Bicksler
      Schmid           Twin Spring           Kaleta             College Hill        S.W. Hielman
   S.D. Hielman         Shetter             Boeshore             Hershey              S.T. Yost
     W. Keller            Hiester               Reist             H. Bomberger     Leb. Valley Milk  
       Schott             Hostettler              Sheets          Lebanon Milk            Markley
      Gibble             Wieland Lg & Sm letters