Welcome to my website. I have been collecting milk bottles for many years and have decided to build a website for area collectors. I will cover Lebanon County Pa. dairies with information and pictures of bottles and other collectibles . I also will have a bottle collecting section which should be helpful to beginners and veteran collectors. This section will also contain information on bottle types and variations. Click on the FOR SALE link to visit the MILK BOTTLE BARN for filler , bottles and supplies. Below is a list of Lebanon County Dairies. High prices paid for rare Pa milk bottles. If you have any questions about Lebanon or other dairy collectibles You can email me at john@lebanonmilkbottles.com or  call  717 865 3253.  Comments and suggestions about the site are welcome.  
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     Bottles in my logo left to right are Bomgardner baby face from Palmyra , S K 
      Wengert from Lebanon , Seyfert's Dairy of Lebanon and C E Grimes baby face from


   In this section I will discuss current trends in milk bottle values. I have talked to other advanced collectors also to get their ideas on the state of the current market. 
​  The bottle market has held on longer than most collectable markets. But in the last year or so milk bottle values have dropped. The market at this time seems to be somewhat unstable with lower prices. The mid range milk bottles that used to bring 50.00 to 200.00 seem to be hit the hardest. One example is a bottle I sold on ebay about 2 years ago for 212.00 on auction. Maybe 3 weeks ago another came up on ebay in good condition. I still wanted an example for my collection so I bid on it. I won the same bottle sold at 212.00 for 49.00. This is the case for many mid range bottles. Many higher end bottles have seen dropping prices but not that extent. The market is always driven by collector demand. My feeling is that most bottle collectors are older people and that the number of collectors are not there to keep the prices stable. The only bottles that continually do well are rare bottles that even advanced collectors need for their collection and even those prices are down. I would say right now is a buyers market for collectors who are buying for their collection. Overall I and collectors I have talked to believe that values are trending downward. Bottles that used to sell for 20 to 30 dollars are hard to sell for 10.00. As I said before I do not believe that enough new collectors are entering the market to uphold the bottles value and certainly the economy has a lot to do with that also. All high end bottles are down with the very rare bottles slightly down or holding their own. Mid range bottles and common bottle prices are down. On the upside I and many collectors are finding bottles to fill their collection at lower prices. I find the lower market does not bother me as I have much fun collecting and selling bottles. Remember the fun is in the search.    Updated  JAN.  4 2015 

​    Don't forget to check out my other pages on this website by clicking on the links on the top left of this page. If you are considering selling your milk bottles or would just like to know the value of an item feel free to contact me as I am always happy to discuss milk bottle collecting. I also will consider trading bottles. You can contact me at the phone # or click on my email  at the top of the page.
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​     The 18 annual All American dairy show will start Friday Sept. 11 at noon at the farm show building in Harrisburg Pa. I will be set up again with many milk bottles and dairy collectibles. The hours are Friday noon till 5PM and Saturday through Wednesday 8AM till 5PM. As always you can buy milk bottles filler at the show. I expect to bring quite a bit of stainless and galvanized cans , buckets and milking equipment. See you there.


     Above is more Lebanon County embossed milk                     bottles and wengert clocks. Below is part of my                            pyroglazed milk bottle collection.
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    Thanks for checking out my milk bottle website.  My name is John Eisenhauer. I live near Jonestown Pa with my lovely wife LuAnn. We have 4 children and 3 grandchildren , Julie Caroline , Billy Buckshot ( I thought of his middle name) and Holly Elizabeth. I work at Swiss Premium Dairy for 37 years where I process the milk into finished product. Besides spending time with my grandkids and collecting bottles I enjoy Tae Kwon Do and exercising. I am currently a 3rd degree black belt certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. I also enjoy the outdoors very much. I love to hunt and shoot traditional archery.  I currently hold the BTR Penna. state record for nontypical whitetail deer with a recurve bow. A special THANKS goes to my wife for supporting and helping me out in everything I do. THANKS for checking out my milk bottle website. Good Luck with your collecting !!!
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  Elvis (the cat) and I are always looking to buy good bottles and collections. Just give me a call or email. One good bottle or an entire collection I can often tell you over the phone or come to look at your bottles and give you a value of your bottles.    THANKS  John  (and Elvis).
  I am considering a listing of Lebanon County milk bottles that rank them 1-5 according to how rare the bottles are. This will not be a price guide as value varies with popularity and demand. It will reflect how scarce or common bottles from each dairy are. If this is something you would like to see let me know. Thanks for looking at the site.   John
Selling at the NAMBC convention at Grantville Pa. Thanks for making it my best show ever. 
  Below is the "GOT MILK" segment which was one of many OUT and ABOUT'S done by Chuck Rhodes and ABC 27 News , Harrisburg Pa. My wife and I were honored to have Chuck come to our home to for this segment. Chuck has since retired. THANKS to Chuck and 27 News.